Saturday, 080616

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A. Snatch to heavy single in 18 minutes

B. Clean and Jerk to heavy single in 18 minutes

C. Front SqT – Heavy double in 15 minutes 

D. 5k Run 

E. Assistance Work 

50m Yoke Walks x 6-8 sets (AHAP)


10 min of bear hug sand bag walks, done in 50’ increments. as many as you can here, building up the back and support system. 


5-10 min of scap work 

2 thoughts on “Saturday, 080616”

  1. Dynamic warmup crossover symmetry
    A. 205
    B. 245
    C. 325
    D. 20:30ish
    E. 4×7 at 415
    F. Done with 115# atlas stone for 17 “reps”
    Romwod foam roll couch stretch 10 minutes/side

  2. Kristina Ushakova

    A: built to 133, lots of reps at 123 & 128.
    B: built to 153, felt awful on these
    C: skipped FS short on time
    D: 22:07, happy with this
    E: 8x50m @ 230#
    Bear hug sand bag walks with heaviest one I could stuff not sure how much it weighed, scap work done

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