Friday, 072216

Following the Games swim 🙂


A. Clean (high hang) 5RM then 2×5@90%

B. Clean deadlift up to 10RM for day + 1×10@85%

C. Strict HSPU max reps at ,  pbar,  6”, 3” 1”, Floor. resting 3 min between each 

D. 2 rds 

35 heavy wall balls

25 Ghd Situps w/ wall ball

400m run with ball 

E. Assistance Work 

5 rds 

seated DB strict press 6-8 reps (reasonably heavy, but no long grinding)

15 hanging scap squeezes 

:10-:20 free standing Handstand, trying to stay in one spot

15 banded scap squeezes, slow and controlled 

Pendlay Row x 8 heavy reps, no hips, back angle, keep the same 

4 thoughts on “Friday, 072216”

  1. Cleans- 82kg (better than last week)
    Drops done

    Deadlifts- 110kg (also better than last week)
    Drop done

    HSPU- done. Wrote on a white board at the gym…will put numbers in tomorrow first thing. Can’t remember off the top of my head.

    Workout done- 14 something I think

  2. Got to the gym late from work

    PBar – 1/3 of one, haha
    6in – 3
    3in – 6
    1in – 10
    Reg – 12

    B. Metcon 12 something

    C. 3×10 Push Ups with feet on six inch box

  3. mickey kilmartin

    Hpc 3×5 at 100kg
    Deads 3×10 at 145kg

    2 RFT
    50 wb
    35 weighted sit-up
    400 m ski erg

    3 RFT
    100 du
    10 MU

    Accessory work done

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