Wed, 072016

Tasias ready!


A. Bench Press – 10RM

B. Push Press – 3×10 @90% of Monday’s 10RM

C. Front SqT – 4RM Woth 1 second pause in hole each rep; no bouncing 

D. Single leg suit case step up 12 

reps each leg x 4 sets each side 

E.  Afap 

3 legless rope climbs 

21 push-ups 

400m run 

2 legless rope climbs 

21 push-ups 

400m run 

1 legless rope climb 

21 push-ups 

400m run 

F. Athlete specific Recovery

4 thoughts on “Wed, 072016”

  1. A. 10 rm bench- 125#…136# x 9 (got stuck on last one
    B. 3x 10 push press- done at 130#
    C. 4 rm front squat with 1 second pause at the bottom of each rep- 195#…206# x 3 got trying to stand up the fourth
    D. Workout- 9:57

  2. mickey kilmartin

    Bench press 275 for 8 ( benching yesterday was dumb)
    Push press 190 across
    Step ups done
    No weighted squatting bc of groin

    150 air squats

    Metcon with rower bc can’t run yet 9:08

    30 minute weighted vest walk

  3. A. 10RM Bench
    55kg/121# x 10
    58kg/127# x 7

    B. Push Press 3×10 – 57kg/125#

    C. 4RM Front Squat w/1 sec pause in hole

    D. Metcon – complete. 11:30 I think.
    Push ups get me every. damn. time. Sets of 3s and 4s toward the end.
    I need to, and will, start adding variations of push ups a few times a week to strengthen these.

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