Saturday, 071616

And she’s off!

We are kicking off our event today at CFF; 9a.  We fly out to Carson tomorrow. 

TEAM Tasia Shirts are in at CFF. Get while you can. 


A. Snatch – 10-12 reps at 80-90%

B. Clean and Jerk – 10-12 reps @80-90%

C. Front SqT – 2RM for the day 

D. AMRAP 20-30 @sustinable pace 

400m run

400m row

20 cal bike 

E. Athlete recovery 

2 thoughts on “Saturday, 071616”

  1. William Basinger

    A-B skipped due to shoulder
    C) 285# pretty stoked to be able to front squat pain free
    D) no bike at the gym subbed 20 ghds (3rnds+12 ghd)
    E) Done

    Good Luck TASIA!

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