Friday, 071516

Team Tasia Shirts will be in at CFF today and ready for purchase Saturday at our get together to see Tay off to Carson. 


A. Clean (high hang) 5RM then 2×5@90%

B. Clean deadlift up to 10RM for day + 1×10@85%

C. Strict HSPU max reps at ,   6”, 3” 1”, Floor. resting 3 min between each 

D. 15-12-9

Thrusters 135/93

burpee muscle ups 

E. Assistance Work 

5 rds 

seated DB strict press 6-8 reps (reasonably heavy, but no long grinding)

15 hanging scap squeezes 

:10-:20 free standing Handstand, trying to stay in one spot

15 banded scap squeezes, slow and controlled 

Pendlay Row x 8 heavy reps, no hips, back angle, keep the same 

6 thoughts on “Friday, 071516”

  1. A. 145×5, 154×4 weak in this position
    B. 187×10, 196×10, 205×10, 176×10 had more than 205 but thumbs were burning lol
    C. 5, 12, 13, 20
    Wod ? 15:24 think not positive hand tore was burning

    Accessory work done.

  2. A. 225#
    B. 308#
    C. Skipped, will do this weekend
    D. 16:15, legit crushed me from start. Thrusters were 8/7, 7/5, 5/4. Burpees were 1 per hour….

  3. William Basinger

    A) 185# power. not ready for squat yet
    B) 315#
    C) 3×10 not ready for deficit
    D) subbed push press and burpee pullups (6:13)
    E) done

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