Wed, 071316


A. Bench Press 10×3@60% with light bands   Emom style here 

B. Push Press – 4×10 @90% of Monday’s 10RM

C. Front SqT – 5RM for the day

D. Single leg suit case step up 10 reps each leg x 4 sets each side 

E. 6 rds afap

1 legless rope climb 

3 strict Hspu 6/3″ deficit 

5 strict weighted ring dips *athlete chooses weight 

400m run

F. Recovery ; athlete specific 

6 thoughts on “Wed, 071316”

  1. Tasia Percevecz

    Swim wod: 10 rds.. 50m swim, 10 push ups, 15 air squats.. time: 19:24

    2k (scored separately)
    200 DU
    100 wall balls
    75 C2B
    50′ OH walking lunge (93#).. let’s just say it took me a long time..

    Back squat heavy single: 297!!!!! Back story.. 275 Monday.. 275 Tuesday.. gainz yay

    280′ HS walk for time.. 2:45.. haven’t been doing. a lot of handstand walks…. hopefully will see some progress in the next few days


  2. mickey kilmartin

    Bench at 205
    P press at 185 keeping it moderate with groin still
    F squats to box 3×5 225
    Step ups at 50
    DB rows 3×10 100#

    Metcon with 25 cal bike Bc can’t run yet
    50# db for dips got hard quick

    Did strict JT after for fun in 8:56
    Serious paaaahmp

  3. A. Bench Press done at 48 kg/105#
    B. Push Press done at 64kg/140#
    C. 5rm Front SqT for the day- 93kg/205#
    D. Single leg suit case step ups- done and used 35# KB’s
    E. 17:23 (used 10# db for dips)

  4. Push Press 4×10 – Done at 56kg/124lbs (90% of 62kg/138lbs)

    5RM Front Squat – 95kg/209lbs

    Single Leg Suitcase Lunges – Done with 35lb KBS

    Metcon – 17:58 w/10lb weight for dips. Happy to go unbroken since dips and deficit HSPU haven’t been my forte. Hopefully these shoulders are coming around!

    5:00 Recovery Bike at 205-240 watts

  5. Bench press at 165 lb I brlieve

    Push press
    4×10 at 80kg
    1 drop set at 60

    Front squat
    140 x5

    Step ups at 24kg

    W/30 lb db

  6. A. EMOM10 3xbench135#+Band

    B.4×10 push press, 145#

    C. 5RM front squat, 264#

    D. 6 RFT
    1 leg less rope climb
    3 deficit HSPU, 6″
    6 weighted ring dip, 30#
    400m run

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