Monday, 071116

Today kicks off a quick hypertrophy phase heading into phase 1 of our Strength cycle for 2017. 

Following the hypertrophy phase, the blog will break into the Competition / Performance program phases.  Competition : being for those looking and able to devote the time per day for this volume and demand.  Performance: for those with schedules not permitting 2-a-days and simply looking for that competitive edge in that one session with proper cycling of the year. 

There will be running / gymnastics program add ons added in per week as well. If you can’t fit that in that day, you can still add that volume in other days; while being intelligent with your add ons (per day per week etc)


A. Push Press 10rm + 2×10@90%

B. Db seated strict press (single arm) 8-10 reps each side X 5 sets each side 

C. Back SqT – 10RM + 2×10@90%

D. 21-15-9


Power cleans 135/93


E. Assistance Work

– 5 rds 

12 weighted Situps 

15 banded Scap Squeezes 

15 PVC dislocates 

10 inverted belly to wall shrugs 

7 thoughts on “Monday, 071116”

  1. A. 145# x 10
    155# x 9 ????
    Drops done at 140# (went off of the 9)
    B. Done with a 30# db
    C. 215# x 10
    226# x 9 once again…????
    1 out of 2 drop sets done because of time done at 200#
    D. Workout- 7:10
    E. 800m cool down run
    F. 3 rounds of assistance work done

  2. mickey kilmartin

    Groin slowly coming back still limited a bit
    Pushpress 185/165/165
    100 air squats (first day squatting below parallel in 3 weeks)

    Burpees and ttb are limited but was able to do them carefully
    Cleans all singles can’t tng yet

    Legless Rope climb du work add on

    Accessory work done

  3. A. Push Press
    138 x 10
    142 x 5 + 1 push jerk hahaha
    Drop sets at 124lbs

    B. DB Strict Presses – 25lbs

    C . Squats
    Too many warm up sets, SHANN… Rookie mistake. No drop sets.

    D. Metcon…. Same as Juanardo 7:……?

    E. Accessory Work – complete

  4. Push press
    90 10/10
    95 9/10
    + % work

    Db strict press done

    Back squat
    145 10/10
    +% work


  5. Push Press 128×10, 115x10x2
    Dumbell Press 25#x8 each arm x5 sets
    Back Squat 216×10 (forgot drop sets ????)
    Wod 8:28 rested bit too long hahahah
    Accessory work done.

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