Tuesday, 070516


A. Clean & Jerk ; heavy triple – not tnG

B. Back SqT- 2.1 cluster. To max. Rest 10 count between 


5 strict pullups

5 strict Hspu 

10 box jumps 30/24 – step down 

C. Assistance work

1. Single Db seated press. 5-7 reps X 4 sets

2. Emom X 10. Odd: :40@80% on bike.   Even: legless l sit rope climb. Up and down

3. Crossover symmetry Scap work 

4 thoughts on “Tuesday, 070516”

  1. Cleans
    Complete at 125
    1/3 at 131 fail on second jerk

    Back squat hit at 160
    Miss at 170

    Metcon complete

    Emom complete

  2. A. Cleans 80kg x 3
    B. Squats 113kg
    C. Complete – Unbroken. No one knows the rounds
    D. 1:10 plank holds with Juan
    E. EMOM 10 – Conplete. Didn’t come down in an L-Sit but will work on becoming more comfortable with it. First time climbing in an L-Sit.

  3. A. Cleans 75kg (did squats before cleans)
    B. Squats 110kg
    C. Unsure he rounds but all unbroken till finished on pullups 3/2
    Emom done but reg legless my upper stomach was hurting even on the way down just from tightening.

  4. A. Cleans- 85kg x3
    90kg x2
    B. Squats- 105kg cluster
    110kg x first two squats
    C. Workout done unbroken..not sure how many rounds
    D. Single arm DB press- 4×7 done with a 30# db
    E. EMOM done…stayed around 400 watts on the bike and made it up to marker on the rope and back down in the L each round
    F. 3 rounds NFT-
    20 GHD sit ups
    15 banded scap squeezes
    10 empty barbell good mornings

    Fun night with the night crew! ????

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