Monday, 062716

Transition week folks. 

Our Phase 1 of Strength starts next week. This week, we will establish a few numbers for ourselves.

Progressions are key and is how the best, are at their best come the season.  Follow through the transitions, follow through the phases. 
Let’s get everyone posting to comments. It truly helps things on this end as we progress forward. 
Try to stay with the blog this week.  Give yourself some accurate numbers to go off of and retest when the time comes. 

A. Back SqT – 1RM

B. Push Press – 1RM

C. Strict Hspu – max set

D. 30 muscle ups afap 

E. Bike : 15 min :30 on hard :30 on easy 

9 thoughts on “Monday, 062716”

  1. William Basinger

    I told my buddy Jon See I would start following your programming so today starts the journey. I’m still modifying some things after a few nagging injuries but here goes.

    A) 315# (more like a 1 rep heavy for the day, still not ready to max)
    B) Skipped (nagging shoulder)
    C) 36
    D) subbed 30 G2Shoulder w/100# med ball 4:55
    E) Done: 5 miles total. Beast of a machine that I am ready to figure out

  2. A. 265#
    B. 185#
    C. GG workout 4 re-do- 7:49
    D. 15 min bike :30/:30- 132 cals
    E. Max strict HSPU- 27
    F. 30 MU for time- 4:03
    E. 3 rounds NFT-
    20 GHD sit ups
    :10 hanging L-sit

  3. A. 253. I sat In a nice squat with 265 lol
    B. 156
    C. 26
    D. Could do MU cause of hands so did emom x20 3-5 weighted right dips and pullups
    E. AB 140 cal.

  4. Back squat
    385 (pr tie)
    2 fails at 400

    Push press
    105 (pr tie)

    24 I believe

    21 ub (pr)

    195 calories

  5. A. Back Squat 115kg/253lbs… Oh boy
    B. Push Press 75kg/165lbs (failed 78kg/172lbs)
    C. Strict HSPU: 23 x 2
    D. Muscle Ups 4:20 – ripped on 15, didn’t feel
    so great tonight
    E. Bike 141 cals (359-459w and 50w on easy part…. Should probably push harder on the easy)
    F. Mile cool down run

  6. mickey kilmartin

    Groin injury still not good. So have been doing what I can when I can this week. It has only been a week so far. Trying to be smart.

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