Tuesday, 061416


A. Power Clean – 5×3 @77-80% *from blocks (mid height)

B. Clean Pull (high blocks) 5×5@120% of your 1RM clean 


200m Run 

400m Row

400m Run

400m Row 

400m Run 

400m Row

400m Run

400m Row 

200m Run 

D. Assistance Work – NFT

5 rds through 

1 legless rope climb as high as possible 

8-10 ohs (barbell) as narrow grip as you can, at 52X0

10 GHD Back Ext, 5 second pause last back ext at parallel 

60’ Waiters Carry (each arm)

3 thoughts on “Tuesday, 061416”

  1. A. Done at 133#
    B. Did wod from yesterday 9:42
    C. Accessory work from yesterday 5 rounds done.

  2. Powa cleans done at 100 except set 5 done at 105

    Pulls done at 170kg
    Last two sets at 150 because I was getting rounded!

    Metcon 12:44

  3. mickey kilmartin

    P Cleans done up to 245
    Pulls done
    Did class wod
    Two rounds
    50 du
    25 pc 95#
    25 burp over bar

    Had soccer game tonight did plenty of running

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