Monday, 061316

All Phases:

A.  SqT snatch + SqT snatch w/ 2 sec pause in hole + 2 OHS; build to max 

B. Front SqT 4×9 @70% @30X0 tempo 

C. Strict Hspu (strength work) 7×5 (deficit and / or weight ; athlete specific)

D. 4 rds 

15/12 cal bike 

12 heavy wall balls 30/20

9 strict ring dips 
E. Assistance work – NFT

5 rds 

10 Ghd Situps 

2-3 strict muscle ups 

:10-:15 L sit hold 

1 legless rope climb 

20 banded Scap squeezes 

4 thoughts on “Monday, 061316”

  1. A1. Built to a heavy 3 rep back squat- 105kg (110 for 2)
    A2. 5 strict deficit HSPU (used 15kg plates)
    B. Second go at Granite Games workout
    C. Did class:
    -4×9 front squats at 30×0 tempo- last full set was at 165# I think. Not positive on that.
    -same workout as above: 9:31
    D. 8 minute bike @ recovery pace
    E. 5 rounds of above accessory work- done

  2. GG wod : couldn’t get the 200 clean again grrr

    Didn’t do anything else because shoulders did a lot yesterday:

    Amrap 30
    4 MU
    10 shpu
    15 ghd sit-ups
    20 ground to over shoulder slamball
    25 wb
    300m run

    Unsure how many rounds finished at 12 Wb. MU unbroken for me and hspu only broke up one set so pretty good overall.

  3. Snatch up to 90kg
    Wobbly shoulders today

    Front squats at 100 kg

    Bw/10kg plates/same/same/15kg/15 stacked on 10/ same

    Metcon 6:36

  4. mickey kilmartin

    Snatch 225
    Fs 225
    Hspu kept adding plates til it got hard
    Metcon with rower 5:59
    Add on done

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