Month: June 2016

Wed, 062916

All A. Bench Press – 1RM B. Pendlay Row 5RM + 2×5@90% C. 10 legless rope climbs afap  D. 4 rds  400m run  20 box jumps (24/20) 20 GHD Situps E. 10 pulls on row afap x 10 EMOM F. Recovery 

Tuesday, 062816

​​ Chase, 510# back squat All: A. Hang Snatch+ OHS Cluster; 1.1.1; build to max here. :15  between snatch reps  B. Deadlift to heavy single; max, yes, but no need to force anything. Establishing some numbers this week. Be smart folks.  C. max strict pull-ups  D. 1rd afap  500m Row   25 kb swings 70/53 50 …

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Monday, 062716

Transition week folks.  Our Phase 1 of Strength starts next week. This week, we will establish a few numbers for ourselves. Progressions are key and is how the best, are at their best come the season.  Follow through the transitions, follow through the phases.  Let’s get everyone posting to comments. It truly helps things on …

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