Tuesday, 052416

@justin_crossfitfree and #teamcrossfitfree tuning into the 2016 regionals 


Ind Prep
Competition / Performance:

A. Hang power clean – 5RM + 2×5 at that max done as hang high pulls (straps allowed on pulls)

B. Weighted Pull – 5RM + 5×3@90% of your 5RM today 

C. 5 rds 

500m row

400m run

30 wall balls 

20 c2b Pullups 

Rest 1 min between 
Assistance Work:

1. Db sa row 4-6 rep X 4 sets 

2. 6x waiters carry 30-40′ (each arm)

3. Accumulate 3 min of L- sit hold 

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