Monday, 042516

Active Recovery for Regionals Folks 

— aerobic work w/ Recovery


45-60 min of aerobic work @Z1


Individual movement focus 
Competition / Performance:

A. Back SqT – cluster. . . :15 rest between cluster sets  ; build on prior weeks 

B. Seated Strict Press – 5RM  + 2×5@90%

C. Amrap 10

3 strict Hspu

6 KB swings 70/53

3 muscle ups

6 box jumps 30/24. Step down 
Assistance Work Add on Today:

Single arm dB Press 6-8 reps each side x 4 sets

4 rds of  , 20 band scap squeezes, 10 inverted shrugs(hs hold against wall), 15 GHD back ext, 60’russian lunge twists 

DB Side Row with twist (rotate chest to sky)  6-8 reps with pause x 4 each side.             

****building on last weeks 

5 thoughts on “Monday, 042516”

  1. 10 minute bike
    20 minutes of barbell work focusing on bottom position
    Snatch+5 second hold in bottom worked up to 85kg

    50 shspu varied hand positioning inside of box

  2. mickey kilmartin

    Bike for 30 min
    Every 5 min did some shoulder maintenance and back maintenance work and barbell technique work with PVC

  3. A. Back Squatted to 253lb for 2
    B. Worked on jerk from rack
    C. GHDs, Glute Ham Raises and Scap Squeezes

  4. A. Snatched up to heavy single for the day- 75kg
    B. EMOM x10
    Even: 7 strict HSPU
    Odd: 4 MU
    C. 5 rounds:
    12 cal bike
    200m run

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