Sunday, 041716



One Session (including LONG recovery)

A. warmup: 

2k row, increase intensity each 500m



2 rds of strict “cindy”


2 rds of 

5 muscle ups 

10 burpee touch’s 

15 wall balls


:15 bike sprints x 5; rest 2 min, during rest, hit dynamic movement 
B. Snatch Balance; climb to heavy 3 for the day 

C. Ring Dip ; 5 rep and 2 rep max for the day 

D. 10 rds AFAP

15/12 cal row 

5 box jumps 30/24 step down

10 no push burpees over rower 

10 Ghd Situps
E. 30 min on bike 

10 min :30/:30 HARD efforts on the :30 hard 

, into 20 min coast recovery on bike
F. Scap Recovery and Assistance Work per athlete 
All other Phases:

Active Recovery and week prep 

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