Monday, 032816

What a season!

This week, we will de load through all phases. As per the FB group (announcement) – starting Monday, there will be two phases (3 programs) on the blog. One for those continuing onto Regionals, one for those looking to kick off 2017 and one for the folks Opens Prep for 2017 with 1 session per day.  Those looking to continue on with their season for a bit, join us for the Regionals Prep and have some fun.  PLEASE POST SCORES / TIMES to blog 

Today :

16.5 – take 2.  Those NOT re doing… Join us in a generaliZed de load day of CAP folks all over. 

A. Back SqT – 10RM for the day. No failed attempts ; just heavy 10 rep. We will revisit 90% of this later in week 


30 clean and jerks AFAP 

C. assistance 

3×20 ghd Situps


5-7 min Scap work

2 thoughts on “Monday, 032816”

  1. Attempted 16.5 again…. …. Annnnd didn’t go as I had planned
    Grace : 1:54

    Ghd 3×20

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