Monday, 032116

A reminder for those getting after 16.4 today. 

Those not getting after 16.4…
A1. Front SqT – 5×5@75% (target)

A2. Power Snatch Tng Double 

B. 1k row x 4; rest 1:45  between  

C. Push Press – 2RM + 2×2@90%

D. Recovery Work 

1 thought on “Monday, 032116”

  1. mickey kilmartin

    Body felt pretty trashed today
    Started with 10 min 30/30 on rower to loosen up back and legs
    Squats 250 across
    Snatch 205 PR I think
    Push press 245 stopped there back got tight

    Seated good mornings 4×10 for back recovery

    Quick metcon
    5 rounds for time
    10 BJ over 24 in
    5 mu

    May row later this week. Body just wasn’t there for the repeats today

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