Sat, 030516


Teams of 2 – Same Gender
A. Split Jerk – climb to 1RM for the day 

B. (Make up HSPU work from yesterday if didn’t add in)

C. Teams of 2 

7 min AMRAP

100m row sprint 

5 burpees

6 hang power cleans 155/108

Alt rds.
Rest 3 min 
12 min AMRAP

200m row sprint

5 burpees 

12 c2b Pullups 

Alt rds.
Rest 4 min 
100 power snatch 115/83

3 thoughts on “Sat, 030516”

  1. Warm up: 3 rounds plus 85m row
    Hspu: emom 5 strict+ 5 kipping hspu
    Split jerk: 275lb stopped there did a few drops at 245 and 265
    Workout with Juan
    4 rounds each on first
    5 rounds on second

  2. mickey kilmartin

    Warm up 3 rounds plus 10 cal bike
    150 SJ
    workout with Jon see
    Close second to old man and chase both workouts- this will change next time

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