Wed, 022416

70mph winds and sub freezing temps are nothing when you have your Chase Smith shirt on 



A. Front SqT – climb to heavy single in 12 minutes ; volume is key 

B. emom x 5 x (muscle ups), low volume here, just cycle time / timing as focus 

C. Ski erg intervals @70-80% 

200-300m splits. 5-6 of them rest 1-1.5 / 1 

*those who don’t have do some row recovery intervals but at different angle than normal. <plates under year or front 


A. Snatch; to heavy single for the day; force NOTHING, but ascending accordingly 

B. 4 rds @70-80% ***stay here!!!!

Row 300m 

30 UB double Unders 

10 DB / Kb Sqt cleans 55/35 (ish)

30’ lunge with kb. Front rack position

12 t2b

30 DU

10 power snatch tnG 95/63

Row 300m

Rest 5 min between rds

***take care of your body for as long as you have today 


A. Snatch

B. Emom – muscle ups

C. Wod from PM

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  1. Warmup: 15 min cap
    5 min bike:
    1 min @200w/100-150
    1 min @400w/300
    2 mins of constant dynamic movement:
    @30 foot increments
    Ex. High knees, butt kicks, lunges, bear crawl, shuffle, etc.
    3 rounds: w/ progressions
    10 back ext.
    10 push-ups/ 2nd CG push-ups/ 3rd ring dips
    10 ring rows/ 2nd 8 pull-ups /3rd 6 MUs w/no dip
    10 air squats w/pause/ 2nd air squats w/bounce/ 3rd jumping squats
    5 GHD sit-ups

    A. Fronts squats: heavy single 12 min clock
    ( warmed up to 60-70% then started 12 minute clock)
    (Started at 120, then 10k jumps)

    B. MUs EMOM x5

    C. Ski erg intervals
    300 x5 w/1 min rest
    (1:45 pace)


  2. Warm up: same as chase

    A. Front Sqt- 110kg/242# (8# PR!)
    B. EMOM 5- 4 MU on each minute
    C. Ski erg intervals- 200m x 5 (about :50 seconds each) minute rest

  3. A) snatch 195,205,215,220,225,230 stopped no misses
    B) front squat 265,295,305,325,345,365 (pr for no knee wraps)
    Metcon- 6:00,6:15,6:20

  4. Rows done
    Snatch 225
    Fs 325 went for 350 no go
    Metcon didn’t even track times but took a while
    Mu Emotm 5- 5mu per min

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