Tuesday, 022316


Competition / Performance: 

A1. Power Clean + Push Press + Hang Power Clean + Push Jerk ; build to max in 15 or so min

A2. DB / KB Suit case single leg squats 6-8 reps each leg x 4-5 sets (only the heavy sets on complex, superset this one); rest 2:30 
B. @110%

:20 of Thrusters (75/53)95/63(115/83)135/93

:25 of box jumps

:30 on bike 

rest 4:30 x 4 sets 

*each set of thrusters climbing in weight 

C. 5-7 min emom of HSPU; keep volume / intensity low and tng reps – just working cycle time and inverted pressing today

D. accumulate 3 min of L-Sit Holds; athletes choice of variation

6 thoughts on “Tuesday, 022316”

  1. Complex @ 93 kilo

    53kb for split squats

    Thrusters burpees bike (back tight laid off box jumps)

    Did 15 burpees instead
    Rest done✔️

  2. Warmup
    2 minute bike @200+ w
    3 rounds
    :15 bike @hard pace
    10 jumping jacks
    7 air squats
    5 push-ups w/ downward dog

    2 rounds
    8 Russian kb swings
    5 wall balls

    2 rounds
    6 kb swings
    6 burpee high jumps

    A1. Complex
    -70# x8s

    B. WOD

    C. Hspu EMOM 7
    -5 reps

  3. Warm Up: From Board – Same as Chase and Tori

    A. Complex – stopped at 55kg… Ouch. Back.
    B. Workout: 35/35/35/34
    C. HSPU Work – Done
    D. L-Sits – Done
    Rolled out/stretched/back extensions

  4. Complex up to 255 then did Pc pp at 275 but had no juice for HPC so stopped

    Squats done 30/40/50/60 focused on not letting knee ride over toes and engaging glutes bc that’s what I suck at

    Metcon with rower
    39 across rower transition sucked but oh well

    12 min row from yesterday 30/30 done

    Hspu emotm x7 5 strict into 5 kipping

    Accessory work done

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