Friday, 012916

The weekend is here. With intensity output increasing and competition environment being tested more often… Make sure you are prepared on levels. This time of here, showing up to workout simply isn’t enough.  Are you sleeping properly? Nutrition dialed in? Are you recovering properly; not just physically but mentally? 



A. 10 min bike @80%

B. Back SqT- 3.3.3 cluster ; rest :15 between cluster sets. Build to max here in 18-20 min

C. Speed Snatch Balance work – 10-15 min of speed work 

A. 5 rep tNG SqT snatch ; max for day   20 min max once warm and some weight in 

B.  Afap

Thrusters 205/133

Strict Hspu – deficit of 1″ deficit 

Directly into

Thrusters 135/93

Kipping Hspu 6″/3″ deficit 

C. 10-15 min of Scap / shoulder flush 

D. Core work 

3 X 20 weighted Situps 


Front rack hold X :15 hold @ approx ur 1RM back SqT   Rest 1-1:30 X 5

9 thoughts on “Friday, 012916”

  1. Am:
    A. 10 min bike at 80%- 101 cals
    B. 3.3.3 back sqt- 100kg/220# got 3+1 at 105kg/231#
    C. Snatch balance speed work- up to 70 kg

    Side note..the video ????????????????

  2. Joshua Rosenthal

    A – Back Squat clusters 3.3.3 worked up to 225, 20 mins
    B – Sqt Sntch tng 5rm – kept it light for 20 but came closer to full range of motion than I have in a long time
    C – Scaled metcon – thrusters at 135 and shspu scaled then thrusters at 105 w. k.hspu 28:53

  3. A. Bike

    B. Back squat
    -200 failed on 2nd portion/3rd rep

    C. Snatch balance: speed focus
    – completed

    A. Snatched
    – today was a fail

    B. Wod
    -12:50 (hopefully a good time, snatches didn’t go well, so tried making up my failed efforts in the workout) (also just saw that guys were @6″ and I did 3″…. So I take back my comment…failed PM haha. Tomorrows a new day)

  4. A. 80% bike : 118 cal
    B. Back squat cluster: 95kg
    C. Snatch balance triples @ speed: up to 70kg x 3

    A. 5rm tng squat snatch: 55kg
    B. Wod- it took far too long ????

  5. 10 min bike: 125 calories

    Back squat cluster: 253#

    Snatch balance speed work: completed

    5RM TNG snatch: 73kg

    WOD: 14:12

  6. mickey kilmartin

    Row intervals- 1:38 across
    Snatch 5rm- 96 kg PR
    metcon- 18:09 spicy
    Shoulder recovery done

  7. A. 10 min bike – Complete
    B. 5RM Snatch – 121lbs and 132lbsx3…. Only used about 10 mins due to time
    C. Metcon – 17:58
    D. Weighted sit ups and shoulder dislocates
    – I will make up squats and snatch balance this weekend

  8. A. Bike completed
    B. Back squat 150kg
    C. Worked up to 80kg for 3
    A) 90kg stopped there
    B) 18:23

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