Wed, 012015



A. Snatch Balance w 10 second pause in hole – to max for day

B. Back SqT – 5rm at 30X0

C. 1 min hard Effort on bike X 5; rest 3 min between 


A. Weighted ring dips 10×2-3 reps

B. 5 rds afap

6 muscle ups 

9 SqT cleans  (115/83)

12 t2b

15 shoulder to overhead 

C. Assistance work:

a – snatch grip behind neck Ghd back extensions 3-4 sets of 10 reps – final rep with 10 sec pause parallel to floor 

b – 4 X 30-40′ waiters carry  – alt arms 

c – 10-15 on athlete specific work 

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  1. Taylor Domengeaux

    Am: (work globo)

    1a) Bike work
    = done

    1b) During the 4 rest periods of bike work did:
    4 sets:
    10 reps of DB curl into arnold press w/ 25s (controlled reps for health)

    2) EMOM x 10:
    5 straight bar dips (w/ 22# vest temp 21×1)

  2. Am.
    A. Hit 75 kg
    *Held 80kg for 10 but couldn’t stand up
    B. 95kg and 97kg x 3
    C. 16/17/17/17/14 cals….died on last one

  3. AM:
    A. Mobility

    B. Back squat: 5 w/tempo

    C. Bike work
    -completed (stayed above 600 watts, last one above 700)

    A. Clean pulls

    B. 3 rounds
    20 cal Nike
    20 slam ball over shoulder
    20 GHD sit-ups

  4. Am
    A. Not good snatch balance day ????
    B. 93kg, think had more but stopped there
    C. 80cal

    A. Up to 25# dumbells for 3 reps X about 4 sets at this weight I think
    B. 24:27. MU and transition time slowed me down.
    C. Crossover symmetry work

  5. A. Snatch Balance – 72kg/160lbs
    B. Back Squat – 97kg/215lbs
    C. Workout: 17:32
    D. Weighted Dips – 18lbs across for 2 reps
    E. Bike x 3: 16/16/16
    F. 3×5 Glute Ham Raises and 3×10 Back Ext

  6. mickey kilmartin

    One session. Felt kinda smoked today but kept on truckin

    245 snatch balance plus pause
    315 tempo fell off a bit at end here

    Metcon: 16:50 felt decent muscle ups still not where I want them but improving lost most time at muscle ups for sure

    Bike done
    Accessory work done

    Rest day I need ya

  7. Snatxh balance hit 110 kg

    Back squats hit 140 kg

    Metcon 15:00

    A lot of accessory

    Let’s keep moving forward!

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