Friday, 010816

*caption contest 


A. Snatch Balance ; triples at speed % ; rest 2 min between – 15 min 

B. OHS; build to 5RM in just 14 min *5 rep for day, don’t worry about prior 5rm

C1. SA DB row 6-8 each side x 4 sets 

*after completing each side

C2. perform 20 banded rear snap squeezes ; rest 1 min before C1


A. afap 

70 alt pistols 

50 ghd situps

30 OHS 195/133

120ft HS walk (30’ sections)

B. 10 min on bike :25 hard :35 easy 


10-15 flush 

A. Snatch balance

B. Ohs

C. PM workout 

D. Any extra time – recover 

7 thoughts on “Friday, 010816”

  1. AM:
    A. Snatch balance %

    B. Snatch 5rm for day

    C. Rows + scap squeezes

    A. WOD

  2. A. 55k
    B. 75k x4 could have had the 5th pretty sure but I stepped to close to the rig was afraid if I failed I would take myself out so stepped back and dropped the bar….. Good call I thought.
    C. Done.

    Wod. 17:56. Shoulders were toast could not Hswalk. Took me about 5 min for this grrrrr. First time doing this Ohs weight for reps did sets of 5 mostly.

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