Sat, 010216

Regionals Mock Weekend Continues . . . 

1st session


50 calorie Row 

35 kb swings 70/53

50 wall balls 

3 legless rope climbs

50 deadlifts 205/133

3 legless rope climbs 

50 wall balls 

35 kb swings

50 calorie Row 
2nd session

A. Running Clock 

0-5 min 

20 hang power snatch 135/93

15 bar muscle ups 

10 kb manmakers (70/53)

rest til 3 min, til 7 min mark 

then 7 min to hit max clean and jerk

B. light long row, recovery; loosen up, conversation pace 

C. assistance / recovery work 

11 thoughts on “Sat, 010216”

  1. Taylor Domengeaux

    Won’t be working out today or tomorrow. Using the rest of the weekend for physical/mental/spiritual rejuvenation. Spending some time with family and hunting. Also taking care of my wife during her pregnancy. Looking forward to starting the grind towards the open! I’m feeling the itch just taking this short time off which is what I am looking for, that excitement to carry me through! You all have a solid couple of sessions left before we get into the open prep and God Bless!

  2. A. 24:44
    B. Scaled
    15 hang power snatch 115
    5 bar muscle ups
    2 kb manmakers
    rest 3 min
    C. 245lb

  3. mickey kilmartin

    Rough day 2
    22:43 way too slow on legless did it alone didn’t help my cause. Everything else moved decent
    6 man makers
    300# CJ probably had more in tank but I’ll take it

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