Wed, 122315

Tiffany – 250# Clean

Stick to one session (don’t add anything crazy) and the deload week (volume)

A. Clean to Heavy Single ; athlete welcome to chose position they are strongest from. 
B. OHS – to heavy single

C. Afap

50 thrusters 95/63

1k row 

15/12 muscle ups

50 wall balls 

500m row 

10/ muscle ups 
D. Assistance Work 

Banded near crawl, sprints, leap frogs etc.  partner work 


20 tgu alt arms (light)


3 rds 

15 PVC dislocates 

25 banded Scap squeezes 

15 plank elbow to hand walks (start on elbows in plank walk one arm at a time to push-up position and back to elbows etc)

8 thoughts on “Wed, 122315”

  1. A. Clean
    -jumped to 165 (stupid)
    -155 training make

    B. OHS
    -137 (lost it just before lockout)
    (Shoulders felt crappy, only one attempt)

    C. Wod
    (Training purposes: went UB thrusters….do not recommend for an appropriate game plan)

  2. A. SC+HSC: 187 (85kg)
    B. OHS felt bad so did 5×5@125
    C. MU EMOM skill practice (20 total)
    D. Couldn’t muster up motivation to hit the wod so instead did – 3 rounds 50 ub WB on 5 min (1:37,1:36,1:38)

  3. 135kg
    137kg PR
    14:21 (muscle ups sucked life out of me)
    Accessory work done

    Muscle up add on

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