Tuesday, 122215


De-load week continues 

A. Push Press – heavy Single for the day in 12 min 

B. amrap 10 @80%; sustainable pace 

5 strict HSPU (deficit of choice for those who can)

10 box jumps (24/20) step down 

10 cal bike 

rest 10 min 

50-40-30-20-10 unbroken double under sets 

with 12 ghd sit-ups after each completed set of DU

C. Assistance Work 

OH Plate Extensions 4 x 10-12 

db sa row 8-12 reps x 4 sets each side


crossover symmetry protocol

9 thoughts on “Tuesday, 122215”

  1. A. Push press single
    -just missed 315(lost my footing last minute)

    Wod 1
    Wod 2

  2. Taylor Domengeaux

    Pregnant wife in the hospital sick. May or may not get this in today. If not I’ll make up Thursday.

  3. Push Press 225

    WOD 1 (with 25lb stacked on 45LB)


    WOD 2

    A questionable 4:13 with obstacles

    Added Strict HSPU work throughout the day

  4. 255 stopped there
    6inch depth with rower no bike
    Du ghd 4:15? Give or take few seconds phone timer was too far to see

    Accessory done

  5. Push press: 205#

    Wod 1: 6 + 2 (45# plate deficit)

    Wod 2: 4:30.. all double unders unbroken first try!! booyah!

  6. A. 165lbs…. shoulders were meh and jumping all over the place
    B. 6+3
    C. 4:49 Unbroken
    D. All accessory work plus DB presses…. come on shoulders!

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