Monday, 120715



A. Power Clean; 1RM (control your feet!)

B. Push Jerk to 1RM 

C. Push Press 2RM


A. Back SqT – 1.1.1 cluster; rest :15 between; *target is higher than your 3 rep last week 

B. EMOM x 21

10 burpee box jump overs (24/20)

35 double unders

30’ kb double walking lunge (70/53) each hand

C. Assistance Work 

3×5 jerk drive at your max front sqT 


Single arm row 6-8 reps ahap x 4 sets 

*landmine set up works well here 


oh stability – spend 5-7 min here 

*OH holds

* tgu

* stability walks etc


Scap work 
One Session:

A. Power clean – up to heavy single in 12 min

B. Back SqT – 1.1.1 cluster ; to max 

C. EMOM x 21

10 burpee box jump overs (24/20)
35 double unders
30’ kb double walking lunge (70/53) each hand

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  1. AM:
    A. PC
    -130 (stopped there, feet started to split)
    + 3 drop sets to work on feet

    B. Push Jerk-
    (Didn’t have it in me today)

    A. Back squat cluster: (percentage work for me)

    B. EMOM 30 (did extra rounds to make up for the AM session)

  2. A-255 stopped there then drop percentage work
    B- 255 stopped there then drop sets
    C-260 push press for 2 PR
    D- bs 360
    E- emotm done tweaked my quad on 6th set and finished anyway shouldn’t have but oh well im dumb
    F-accessory work done

  3. AM:
    Clean pulls.. 7 at 242# every :90

    Single leg deadlifts and core work

    Back squat cluster up to 286#

    EMOM 30: completed with slight modifications.

  4. Worked out after work so merged the power clean and push jerk into one
    Hit 265. Missed 280 clean

    Push press
    225 then stopped there

    No back squats yet, hip still screams at me

    emom done
    Subbed lunges for 15 70lb kb swings due to my hip

  5. A. Definitely hit 170 as a PC. Cleaned 178# 6 times…but I’m not convinced any of them were power. Still that’s 6 reps at 93% of my 1rm sc so can’t complain.
    B. Push jerk- 145…major weakness 🙁
    C. Push press 2rm- 135×2, 142×1
    D. Back squat cluster @225
    E. EMOM done
    Burpee BJ ~45-50s
    DUs ~25s
    Lunges did 12 steps since I didn’t know how far 30′ was and I know it takes 10-12 steps for me to go 30’…
    F. Add on:
    12 min handstand holds –
    0:20 on/0:40 off

  6. Wasn’t feeling great today..kept things light and didn’t push breathing. ‘Tis the season for germs! ????????????
    A. 80kg
    B. 85kg
    C. 75kg
    A. 115kg
    B. 30 minutes on the assault bike

  7. One Session:
    A: Power Clean: 205# /210#F- feet were wide, need to continue to work on dropping under
    B. Push Jerk: 215#/220#*/225#**/230#F
    C. Push Press: skipped for time sake, make up later in the week
    D. Back Squat: 1.1.1. @ 255#
    E. EMOM- check!

  8. Power clean
    265 stopped there
    2rm Behind the neck push press
    Backsquat cluster 1.1.1
    315,345,365 no belt no knee sleeves
    385 for 1
    completed burpees :28 dubs :21 lunges :23ish

  9. My hamstring is still on the mend but I’m finally getting back into it!
    PC- 72kg
    Push Press – 60kg , 62x 1
    BS – 91kg

    EMOM – done , survived the lunges but I was failing the front rack on the last few rounds and so I just carried them in my hands.

  10. Joshua Rosenthal

    Missed a few weeks of posting for Thanksgiving and then prepping for a throwdown, but I have returned to represent the mediocre masters athlete

    A. Power Clearn; 1rm 210 (this is pr for both my power clean and clean)
    B. Missed a lot of front squats over the last few weeks so I subbed in a F. Sqt 3rm for the cluster – 3×235
    C. EMOM 21 minutes – 10 Burp Box Overs 24″, 35 D.U., 8 lunges holding 2 two pood kb (couldn’t quite get 30′ mainly mental).

  11. One session:
    A: 168 Hate power cleans, would rather squat
    B: 253 Back sqt cluster. Not more than my 3rm last week but still happy.
    C: EMOM done.
    D: Jerk drives at 225

  12. Tuesday 12/8/15:
    A. P Clean. 235 so easy. 250 F, F, then got it. Failed a few at 257.5 since i’m a spaz – even though i was easily pulling chin height. Can’t. Commit. Since i am scared of weight.
    B. 3RM BS: Up to 3×305. No trouble but TFL got a little jiggy.
    C. EMOM 21: 1. 10 burpboxover 24″, 2. 35 DUs, 3. 30′ lunge + 2×53 KB.

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