Wed, 120215

500 X 2 


A. Complex: Snatch Grip Push Jerk + 2-3 OHS; build to max 

B. Weighted Pushups 5 x 10 

C. Bent over barbell row 8-10 reps X 4 sets – heavy 

A. Front SqT – 4RM @30X0 + climb to 3-5 heavy singles for the day 

B. 10 ub muscle ups + 500m Row  AFAP; rest 9-12 minutes based on getting the UB sets. *set this accordingly for levels X 3 sets.  

C. Assistance Recovery work 

4 thoughts on “Wed, 120215”

  1. AM:
    A. OHS
    -137 x2

    B. Deficit hspus (box)

    C. Bent over bb rows

    A. Accessory work

    B. Wod

  2. One session-
    Fs-270 with tempo
    Worked up to 320 single
    Ohs- 255 jerk felt iffy today and shoulders wonky so stopped there
    Rows and push-ups done

    UB mu but not quick lost time bc got swinging on rings and lost rhythm

    Add on 10 minute emotm
    Odd 250 m row (sub 1:45 pace)
    Even max shoulder taps in two attempts

    Back extensions and seated good mornings

  3. Am:
    A. 80kg x 2
    B. 15 kg weighted push ups
    C. 105# barbell rows
    A. 90 kg x4 @30×0
    Built to 105kg for heavy single
    B. 2:47/2:40/2:46 (10 UB MU/500 m row)

  4. OHS
    Hit 265
    Failed 285 on second OHS

    Weighted push ups

    No front squats
    Hip has been killing me during squats

    Muscle ups
    Only had 15 minutes to do this
    Got all 3x done can’t remember all my times but did the first round in 2:24

    Let’s grow!

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