Tuesday, 111015

CROSSFIT Free Team Red


A. Running clock 



Odd: 12/10 cal row 

Even: 12 burpee over rower 


Min 10-20

Odd: 10 cal bike 

Even: 35 DU



Odd: 15 / 12 cal row

Even : 12 burpees over rower 

A. Hang Snatch – build to heavy single + 2-4 sets of triples from hang, working speed 

B. Clean pull – 5 X 2@100% of most recent 1RM

C. Seated strict Press 3RM with 3 second pause overhead each rep

4 thoughts on “Tuesday, 111015”

  1. Emotm done- no bike so all rowing
    Hang Snatch 245# (15#PR)
    Drop sets 3×3 at 185
    Pulls done
    Press 165 and 175(2) failed 3rd rep
    Gymnastics add on work

  2. EMOM Done!
    Hang Snatch. Hit 209 then had 4 fails coming out of 225. Technically finished at 209 but I know I got 225. Not high enough to compete with the big dogs, but getting better

    Pulls Done at 315

    Went With PBar EMOM to develop those

    Let’s grow

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