Wed, 110415

242# Snatch Balance – Tasia
De load week continues …

A. Power Clean + Front SqT + Split Jerk; 10×1 @ speed focus % to your 1 rep clean and jerk. If power is your issue comparison to SqT; obviously attack this appropriately 

B. Back SqT – 6×2@80%

C. Push Press 6×2 @75-80%

D. 10 min bike 

:20 hard 

:40 easy 

E. 10-15 min reverse sled drag *walking backwards, constant movement 

F. Assistance Work 

Athlete Specific – Weakness Training

2 thoughts on “Wed, 110415”

  1. mickey kilmartin

    A- worked up to 245 fast feet good movement
    B- done
    C- done
    D- accessory work done
    E- run add on

  2. A – P. Cln + F. Sqt + Splt Jrk 10×1 – worked up to 175 trying to stay quick
    B – B. Sqt deload 240x6x2
    C – P. Press deload 140x6x2
    (this did not feel very deloady)
    D – 10 min row 20 sec hard:40 sec easy 126 cal
    E – 10+ sled drag, worked light tried to keep moving and lock down elbow to elbow (triceps, scaps etc).

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