Wed, 102815

Girls of LiveFree Weightlifting who participated in last meet. 

A. 500m row X 5 ; rest 2 min. @80-85% here today 

B. Split Jerk – wave etc. essentially hitting heavy triple, double and single for the day 

C. Push Jerk Emom X 5 reps @60% X 5 min 


A. Front SqT – 3RM + 2×3@90% 

B. “Jackie”

1000m row 

50 thrusters (45)

30 Pullups 

C. Assistance Work 

Athlete specific 

2 thoughts on “Wed, 102815”

  1. mickey kilmartin

    A- 265/285/305 for the day not maxes just heavy
    B- push jerk emotm done
    C-fs 315 PR 3rm
    D- Jackie 6:00 happy with it could have gone faster on thrusters to make time 3:32 row and UB all the way PR None the less
    E- row repeats 1:43.9/1:43.9/1:43.3/1:42.8/1:41.9 smooth and relatively easy
    F- accessory work done

  2. Joshua Rosenthal

    Did an opens version
    A – Split Jerk Waves 3, 2, 1 – 135,155,175; 155,175,195; 175,185,205
    B – Frnt Sqt 230×3, 205x3x2
    C -Jackie 9:15
    D – rolled out some elbow tricep stuff; that’s athlete specific for old folks.

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