Tuesday, 102715


A. Snatch cluster 1.1.1; rest :15 btwen cluster reps (10 count between reps)

*move most weight total; so power or sqT; all from floor

B. Deadlift from 1″ deficit   78% x 3 reps x 2 sets, 80% x 2 reps x 3 sets 

C. Weighted Pullups 3×5, 5×3; ascending both in weight 

A. every 2 minutes x 5 sets 

Fwd Bounding (4 jumps , for height + distance) + 2 legless rope climbs to 15′

B. MAP Training @80%

amrap 7

7 burpee touch’s 

7 box jumps (30/24) step down 

7 kb swings (heavy as you can being sustainable and fluent)

rest 3 min 

7 min clock 

:30 hard on bike 

:30 easy 

rest 4 min 

amrap 7

100m shuttle run 

10 hang power cleans 95/63

30’ hs walk
Single session:

A. Snatch (speed focus) or deadlift (Strenth focus)

B. Bounding Emom


1 thought on “Tuesday, 102715”

  1. A- worked up to 205 after power snatches. Been really trying to focus on movement lately and fix some faults
    B- deadlifts done
    D- bounding rope climbs done
    E- 6+5/rower 1631m/5 + 100m
    F- did class wod but made into 7 minute AMRAP to match theme of the day

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