Monday, 102615



*last week of 5’s. Make them count. Go after that true 5RM

A. Strict Press – 5RM + 2×5@90%

B. Push Jerk – 5RM + 2×5@90%

C. Back SqT – 5RM + 2×5@90%

D. 10-15 min recovery work for afternoon

A. Ladder format 2/2,4/4,6/6,8/8,10/10 etc- of;

8 min clock 

SqT cleans 155/108

Strict ring dips 

*muscle up begins the ring dips

B. Assistance work – NFT 

Weighted situps 4×15-20 heavy

Side planks 2-3 X 1 min each side

DB sa Row 12-15 reps X 3 sets each side 

Y’s + T’s Scap work 
Single Session:

A. Weakness OH above 

B. Back SqT

C. metcon 

5 thoughts on “Monday, 102615”

  1. It’s knly Monday and I’m already feeling the effects of a vacation diet

    Push jerks 5rm

    Back squats at 308
    90% at 77kg

    10 dips in the set of 14

    Recovery work now

  2. Madeline Senkosky

    A. 108
    B. 153 <- Not a typo. The front of my shoulders are wrecking my pressing power. IDK what's up.
    C. 278
    A. 4 ring Dips into the 10s.
    Will do assistance work manana.

  3. A. 160 pr
    B. Failed on my 5th at 260, fucking had it……
    C. 420 pr
    D. Add on bench 5rm 235
    C. Metcon 2 dips into my 10, didn’t warmup, was rushed to start, went real slow, like to see if I actually hit it. Dips from a mu get scary

  4. Joshua Rosenthal

    Strct Press 125×4, 110x5x2
    B. Sqt 275×5, 247.5×2
    Metcon … sort of
    Full clean 135, failed m. up attempt, ring dips … 2/2 4/4/ 6/6 etc
    got through 6 cleans in round of 8.

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