Friday, 102315

“This is proper lockout”


A. OHS – 4×5 across at 90% of your 5RM *target

*if 5RM is there, take it!  

B. Clean (blocks from knee) speed triple, 3RM for the day…yes this will be heavy, but footwork and speed is important. Focus on that and let the numbers climb accordingly  +2×3@80-90%…resting 2 min between these sets 

C. Clean pull (same blocks) @100-105% x 1-2 reps x 4 sets 

A. Back SqT – 1RM with 3 second pause in hole + 2×3@85% with pauses 

B. Front SqT – bottoms up – 3RM + 1×3@90%

C. 3 strict muscle ups + 3 kipping muscle ups + 3-5 ring dips x 5 sets ; rest 2-3 minutes between 

*studs, make this a weighted movement for those who can

**numbers can be scaled; make a complex and progress with it 

D. emom x 6-8; 10 / 6’ deficit pbar HSPU; athlete chooses reps here ; no failures per minute, but get some added volume with the height 

E. 5 rds 

w/ 15/10# vest on  *those who can

200m run 

30’ hs walk

1 legless rope climb to 15′
One session folks:


B. Back SqT

C. PM ; – FS

2 thoughts on “Friday, 102315”

  1. A- bs 355
    B- cleans 275
    C- pulls done
    D- Fs 260
    E- ohs 225 3×3 shoulders were wonky then did some single pause ohs
    F-MU work done not weighted
    G- p hspu 4 reps every min for 8 min
    H- 5 rounds no vest wanted to work on getting right on rope when tired and was in time crunch 8:07
    I- running add on

  2. OHS hit 272 for 5rm (8 lb pr)

    Cleans at 255. Hit a single at 262 which felt good

    Back squat pause at 352

    Muscle ups done. No vest. Fun complex !

    HSPU 8 mins with 2 pbar done

    Had to hustle home.

    Great day of programming!

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