Tuesday, 102015

Froyo for the win!  Recovery by #teamcrossfitfree


Froyo for the win! #recovery for #teamcrossfitfree

A. Snatch – up to 3RM from the knee (use blocks if you have)+2×3@90%
*reason doesn’t say power or sqt; should be specific to the athlete. What can you move the most weight? Power the 1st, squat the next two? Fine, just move the most weight you can for 3 reps from this position
B. Snatch Deficit Pull 4×2 : heavy but speed and positions being focus 
C. 7-10 min rower – recovery 


A. Complex. RDL (lowering) into bent over barbell row, into completion of RDL (standing up). Perform 5×5 ; smooth movement. – in no longer than 15 min
B. Map training @80-85% – sustainable rounds 

15 ghd sit-ups 
12 box jumps 24/20 step down 
9 deadlifts 185/123
6 muscle ups 
Rest 4 min 
12/10 cal AB
12 alt KB snatch (53/35) or DB 50/40
60′ alt leg oh KB walking lunge (30′ each arm) 
36 double unders 
C. Assistance Work 
50 hanging waited Scap squeezes (break up how you choose)
35 belly on ground (arms overhead with weighted PVC Scap retractions)

:15 second holds belly to wall 

3 thoughts on “Tuesday, 102015”

  1. Snatch- 230(2) hit third for kicks
    Rows/RDL-185 across
    Push jerk 3×5- 230
    Wod 1 had to set up in diff stations all over gym Bc of class activity ghds farrrr away- 4 rounds even
    Wod 2 used rower no bike 3 plus 2 snatches

    Accessory done

  2. Brandon Petersen

    Wods – amraps

    *another win over Jon See

    3 rds

    Did front squat cluster 1.1.1
    255-275-285. Metcons, no belt. Was happy and need legs to come around soon

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