Friday, 101615

Michelle Sano – CF Games



A. Those doing wodapalooza, 

hit first attempt at the 5 mins to hit your heaviest 5 completed reps of Clean and Jerk 

Those who are NOT doing Wodapalooza, Hit a heavy 5 rep clean and jerk…NOT TnG; but get back on the bar, don’t take :30 rest between reps, drop from overhead, settle, and back on the bar for the next REP

* ground to overhead for max weight essentially. 

B. Muscle Snatch – 3-5 reps between 90-100% of your 5RM Muscle Snatch (established few weeks ago)


:30 second sprint on bike 

3 min coast 

1 min hard effort  on bike 

2 min coast 

1:30 hard effort  on bike 

1 min coast

2 min hard effort  on bike

5-7 min legs only coasting 


A. Back SqT – 1RM with 4 second pause in hole + 3×3@85% with pauses 

B. Front SqT – bottoms up – 3RM + 1×3@90% *14 min for these 

C. 800m Run x 3; rest 1:30 – 80% efforts here 

D. Assistance Work 

4-5 rds – NFT

8-10 GHD Weighted back extensions

12-15 Banded Scap Squeezes 

1-3 strict weighted muscle ups

2 snatch + 2 ohs @115/83; tempo OHS 

:20-:30 belly to wall hs holds 

3 thoughts on “Friday, 101615”

  1. Joshua Rosenthal

    Mixed a few days and lost a couple of exercised reps in the attempt.

    A – B. Sqt 4 sec pause. Got to 245, no drop sets spaced out
    B – Bottom up F. Sqt 155×3, 135×3 – loved these
    C – Splt Sntch from block 135×3, 125×3
    D – Tried to superset sntch deadlifts during the metcon but only got in a couple at light weight.
    E – Metcon: 40 D.U., 15 GHD, 300m row, subbed 8 forward bounding jumps (stool – ground – 24″ box), 15 floor situps w 20lbs, 10 P. Sntchs @ 95 then three minutes rest;
    6:31, 6:45, 6:49

  2. A- 225 for 5 fast reps then did another set with the 5 minute cap for fun 230/240/250/260/270. Stopped there Bc time was tight. Cleans felt solid today
    B- pause squat 340
    C- blocks were being used so just worked on pause squats with pause in hole

  3. Wodapoolza WOD 5
    Then 305 for fun

    Back squat at 155kg

    Front squats at 264 pounds ish (did 2 reps and walk around a it before the 3rd)

    Bike done

    2 800’s done


    Great day!

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