Wed, 100715

Getting lessons on weightlifting …

Regionals Comp Phase:


A. Power Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk; build in 15 minutes 

B. EMOM x 10 x 1 rep at 65-70% of A

C.OHS @53X1 ; in 12 min hit some sets of 3-5, working overhead stability 

*goal here is up and down fluently, efficiently working the position

D. DB SA Row 5-7 reps x 4-5 sets here; focus on slow eccentric and pause at top each rep 

A. Front SqT – 3RM with 3 second pause each rep + 2×3@90% with pause 


10 min 

:30 hard / :30 easy 

then 10-30 min easy flush; recovery 

C. Assistance Work 

tabata x 14

1st hollow rock 

2nd superman rock 

*rotate back and forth each interval 


dB Single arm press 6-8 reps x 4 sets each side 


belly on wall HS holds :30 x 5-7 sets; rest accordingly 

3 thoughts on “Wed, 100715”

  1. mickey kilmartin

    A- felt slow today worked to 245 and stopped
    B- 225 across
    C- ohs temp 3 reps worked up to 205 and time ran out
    D- fs 280 drops at 255- legs feeling better of late
    E-accessory work done
    F- rope climb work
    G- running work
    Will hit bike work tomorrow as part of recovery

  2. Joshua Rosenthal

    Single Session:
    P. Cln + P. Jrk + Splt Jrk complexin 15 min, 175
    10 min emom – cln complex @ 135
    F. Sqt 3 sec pause x3: 200×3, 185x3x2
    Metcon: 10 min of 30 sec hard, 30 sec easy. Subbed in prowler, loaded 2 25s, low push out (hard)/ slow high push back (easy). Kept it going more or less.

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