Monday, 100515

Sat Competition Training at CFF. Kicks off every week at 10 a and everyone is welcome!

Regionals Competition Phase:


A. Push Press – 5RM + 2×5@90%

B. Back SqT – 5RM + 2×5@90%

C. 10 min on bike @80%

A. CP Batt Test 

amrap 20 

20 minute amrap

20 sqT cleans @ 135/93

20 c2B

20 cal Bike

B. Assistance Work – DO IT!

4 x 1-1:30 weighted Plank

Hanging weighted scap squeezes 4-5 X & reps 

3/4 X 12-15 reps – banded tricep extension 

Db / plate rear flies – 8-12 reps X 4 sets 

Deadbug Work & Crossover Symmetry protocol 

Opens Phase: 1 session 

From above 

A. Push press

B. Back SqT

C test 

11 thoughts on “Monday, 100515”

  1. Really jacked up my shoulder on Friday doing those KB manmakers so trying to let shoulder come back to 100% before blasting out PP

    Hit back squats, worked to 335 for 5RM and % done

    C2B and squat cleans man should really sting so I did

    5 rounds
    20 cal bike (legs only)
    20 cal Ski Erg
    20 Cal Row

    24ish minutes

    Assistance done

  2. A. 250, failed 255 at my 5th
    B. 405, I did 395 twice by mistake when I tried my 405. Def had more.

  3. mickey kilmartin

    One session
    A- 225
    C-tester with rower no bike at gym
    3+25-not my best day. Would like to be 4+ on retest
    D- accessory work done
    E- bike at home done
    Feeling better this week after being sick last week

  4. Am:
    A. 5 rm push press

    B. 5rm squat

    A. Wod
    -4 +5

    B. Accessory work

  5. Madeline Senkosky

    One session because attempted wodapalooza snatch again.
    A. 165 for 3, drops at 148
    B. 270 for 5, drops at 243
    A. 3+14
    B. Pull cycle
    C. Assistance work.

  6. A. 3 Positional snatch for Wodapalooza + OHS
    138lbs / 5 OHS (current 1RM is 150lbs)

    B. Push Press – 5RM + 2×5 @ 90%
    5 x 65kg/143lbs – Wet heavy, didn’t max out
    Drop sets: 58kg/127lbs

    C. Back Squat – Didn’t squat

    D. CP Batt Test
    ROUNDS:3+4. Disaster on C2B today.

  7. Joshua Rosenthal

    A. P. Press 155×5, 145x5x2
    B. B. Sqt 265×5, 235x5x2
    D. Amrap – 20 clns @ 115, 20 c2b, subbed prowler push (maybe 50m) – 2+23

  8. Brandon Petersen

    time to get them investing in some AB’s…we just so happen to have 40 coming in =)

  9. Brandon Petersen

    C2b looked fine. Get that shit out of your head. They r fast and smooth; stay on the bar mam!

  10. Yeah man feeling much better. Took a lot of anti inflammation pills on Sunday. Monday easy and Tuesday morning chiropracti appointment got me feeling back to 99%

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