Month: October 2015

Sat, 103115

   A. 2RM hang snatch B. Afap Row 1k 30 clean and jerk 155/105 100 double unders  C. Athlete specific weakness focus  *keep on mind heading into deload week  D. Core assistance work  E. Crossover symmetry 

Wed, 102815

   Girls of LiveFree Weightlifting who participated in last meet.  am A. 500m row X 5 ; rest 2 min. @80-85% here today  B. Split Jerk – wave etc. essentially hitting heavy triple, double and single for the day  C. Push Jerk Emom X 5 reps @60% X 5 min  pm A. Front SqT …

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Monday, 102615

   Tasia  am *last week of 5’s. Make them count. Go after that true 5RM A. Strict Press – 5RM + 2×5@90% B. Push Jerk – 5RM + 2×5@90% C. Back SqT – 5RM + 2×5@90% D. 10-15 min recovery work for afternoon Pm A. Ladder format 2/2,4/4,6/6,8/8,10/10 etc- of; 8 min clock  SqT cleans 155/108 …

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Sat, 102415

   Competition Training – every Sat at 10a. Join us! A. Snatch  ; every :90 x 12-15 reps; climbing starting at 70%; for heavy single for the day  B. Clean and Jerk 1+2 =  build to max In 15 min  C.  For Time: 100 double unders  10 bar muscle-ups 30 kb Snatch’ alt arm 70/53 …

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Friday, 102315

   “This is proper lockout” am A. OHS – 4×5 across at 90% of your 5RM *target *if 5RM is there, take it!   B. Clean (blocks from knee) speed triple, 3RM for the day…yes this will be heavy, but footwork and speed is important. Focus on that and let the numbers climb accordingly  +2×3@80-90%…resting …

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