Sat, 091915

All Phases

A. running clock 

emom x 6 x 3 tng power cleans @65% of your 1RM PC

emom x 6 x 2 tng power cleans @70% of your 1RM PC

emom x 6 x 1 Power Clean ascending; speed, foot work being main focus 

B. Weighted Semi Supinated Pullups (use rings for the angle) 7 x 3; ascending 

C. Teams of 2; 

Relay 100-200-300-400-500-400-300-200-100 each  – have some fun. guy/girl teams, or same gender 

*details. 1 partner rows a 100m. Next partner rows 100. First partner back on for 200 etc. swapping back and forth all the up the ladder and down. By end, each individual will row 2500m, 5000 total. 

*those not working with groups; hit 500m Repeats x 6; rest 3:15 between at HARD AE’s 

D. Overhead Yoke Carry   5 x 30-40’ walks 

E. Crossover Symmetry / Scap Work
Comp Phase at CFF will be hitting some team  fun tomorrow for our training . Join us!

6 thoughts on “Sat, 091915”

  1. Power cleans
    80 kgs
    90 kgs
    On ascending worked up to 265 with Micky

    Pulls. Worked up to 96lb

    Rowing team with Lindsay
    Finished with 18:44.
    Fun workout!

  2. A. 55kg/ 58 kg/ last clean at 80 kg
    B. 10#/10#/18#/18#/26#/26#/31#
    C. Teamed up with my homie Mick ooo kil ’em for team workout (19:40)
    D. OH yoke carries with the other munchkin 5×30′

  3. 9/19/15:
    6 min EMOM 3 tng power cleans @ 165
    6 min EMOM 2 tng power cleans @ 175
    6 min EMOM singles- 190, 205, 215, 225, 230, 235
    Ring 3rep pull ups – up to +44.
    Rowing relay – done and fun (18:30something)

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