Sat, 091215

Lynn after 1st event at Granite Games

All Phases:

A. Snatch grip DL – to heavy double (maintaining back) from 2″ deficit. Hook allowed this week;  in 15 min

B. Snatch High Pull 5×5 (from hip / hang) ; ascending – rest 1:30 between. High pull is focus with elbows stacked on top of wrists.  

C. AMRAP 30 

 2 strict muscle ups + 2 kipping 

2 muscle ups + 2 ring dips  (will be 6 dips overall, yes)

 4 strict hspu + 8 kipping (athletes choose height – those can go deficit, do so)

 8 alt KB snatch + 8 kb swings (70/53)

***high level folks with these movements can wear vest this AMRAP. Goal should still be unbroken stations, don’t force the limit.  

D. Assistance Work

4 rds

20 band scap squeezes 

:30-:45 relaxed hang on rig. Let everything settle and pull properly 

1 min plank hold (weighted)


Crossover Symmetry


5k run a join CAP ATHLETES in Salem for the kids Cancer 5k

3 thoughts on “Sat, 091215”

  1. A. Built up to 209#
    B. Last set was done at 121#
    C. AMRAP 30
    1 strict MU+1 strict ring dip+2 MU+2 strict ring dips (UB)
    4 strict HSPU+ 8 kipping (used 25# plate for deficit)
    8 alt KB snatch + 8 KBS (53#)
    No failed reps
    D. 5k!

  2. I’m going to try and post regularly since A) we follow the great programming which is FREE (read as thank you and it’s awesome) and B) I met Pat at the Master’s competition yesterday and he was a swell guy – and always posts. So:
    A. SN DL -2″: up to 265×2
    B. HiHang SN HiPull + full snatch on the 5th (for fun). 5x5x135
    C. 30′ AMRAP: 4 rnds + all ring work:
    Scaled HSPU to 2 strict+8 Kipping Used 53# for KB snatch and 70# for swings. MU work Rx and unbroken besides last (psyched with that) – besides my inability to open/turn out at the bottom with a false grip. THAT WAS A LOT OF HARD WORK.

  3. Snatch grip DL and HP I worked in with JP and Chase and they told me not to calculate the weight so it was something heavy (for me lol)

    Metcon done
    15 lb plates for deficit on HDPU
    8 rounds + 3 reps

    5k 24:54 (10th place for Team Free yeee yeeee!)

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