Tuesday, 090115


All Phases:

WL Intense 

A. Snatch to heavy single (blocks at knee)  1+1 ; each rep with OHS

B. Snatch Balance 5×2, 3×1 

C. Snatch Deficit Pulls  5 sets of 2 reps @100-103%
D. Sustainable Rds *goal 

400m Row 

20 cal bike 

1-2 legless rope climbs  20’ (if you have the height)

10 Power cleans (185/123)

5 burpee muscle ups 

rest 5 min x 4
Assistance Work

E. 4 x 30-40’ OH Yoke Walk; (you choose weight; focus on stability and smooth walking)

F.  400m Back Rack Walk (bodyweight on bar) *if you drop , clean and get to back again 

G. 5 rds 

12 alt db hammer curls 

:30-:45 plank on dumbbells *rotate dumbbells out, palms fwd, for external rotation and focus on elbow extension

6 thoughts on “Tuesday, 090115”

  1. Worked Up to 95 kg. Near miss 100 2x.

    Snatch is feeling much stronger!

    Snatch Balance
    Running a little behind schedule and shoulders smoked from yesterday’s WB’s
    3×2 done @ 100 kg

    C. Snatch Deficit Pulls 5 sets of 2 reps @100-103%
    Done at 106 kg

    D. Done RX with 2 20″ legless rope climbs
    Round 1: 6:17
    restart at 11:17

    Round 2: 18:11
    Restart at 23:11

    Round 3: 30:02
    Restart at 35:02

    Round 4 and Finish time 40:02

  2. Squats from yesterday this morning. Went so so
    A- 240 PR
    B-worked up to 255 for one
    C- pulls done
    Switched up order BC classes were using space I needed
    D- oh walks with yoke
    E- back rack 400m walk forgot to time it oops dropped it twice (200#)
    F-no bike at gym so guesstimated a running distance around 300m (may have been a bit far) for after row also did 2 rope climbs each round bc they need work
    41:02 total time

    This week is wrecking me ????

  3. Being smart with shoulders and still modifyin this week.
    1. Complex of snatch pull from: hip, Below knee, floor; worked up to 205#

    2. Snatch balance 2×5 @ 95#

    3. Deficits 5×2, 205#

    4. 4×40′ OH walk with 155# BB

    5. 400m BR BB, 185#. Does 1x @300m

    6. Metcon
    400m run (no erg)
    20 cal airdyne
    10 strict TTB (no rope)
    10 p clean, 185#
    5 strict C2B

  4. Had to modify workout again because of time and equipment.

    Snatch + snatch balance: 225 (which is PR from blocks but was so ugly it shouldn’t count)

    Pulls done at 255 – superset w/ 3rm bench 1″ above chest – 265

    Did 200m run instead of AD and 10 strict chin ups instead of rope climbs on metcon.

    First round was 4:16 (not sustainable) second round was 5:16 (much more comfortable).

    Had to leave after this. Gym closed on me.

    Came home and hit banded curls, tris, scaps and L sits. Did some shoulder taps as well. Not very good at those though.

  5. 4 rds


    1k row x 5 later On with chase. Rest 5 between

    Emom x 10 legless rope climb races

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