Sat, 082915

Milford Mayhem – 2 years ago – 2015 is approaching quick!

All Phases:

A. Muscle Snatch – from at or above knee –  hang – climb to heavy triple 

B. Emom x 12

Power clean + split Jerk ; starting first minute at 70-75% of 1RM in this complex and ascending how you choose 


6 strict deficit hspu (you choose height)

8 strict hspu 

10 kipping hspu 

Rest 5/1 x 3 

* be smart with this and scale the above accordingly.  Unbroken would be goal or very little breaks – so set up accordingly. Can change rep scheme up and hit some hspu work following if need be. 

D. 3 rds @70%-80% – all Ub sets

20 wall balls 30/20

15 t2b

10 cal Bike

5 bar muscle ups 

E. Assistance / Odd Work:

50′ Yoke Walks – Heavy x 6-8 passes 


50m sled sprints (heavy) x 5 passes. Rest accordingly and hard effort sprints 


Bent over BB row. Heavy 8 rep and superset with 4-6 heavy weighted chin-ups 

F. CrossOver Symmetry / Scap Work

2 thoughts on “Sat, 082915”

  1. Muscle snatch triple done. Hit 135

    Power clean and split jerk
    Started at 185 finished at 265

    HSPU complex
    25 lbs for deficit
    All rounds done unbroken

    Metcon done
    Had to use 20 lb wall balls and spin bike on max resistance for 30 seconds

    Great day!

  2. Madeline Senkosky

    A. 106
    B. 176
    C. 1:00/1:27/1:30
    Red plates as deficit.
    D. Emom work:
    15 t2b
    5 bar MU
    Rest one
    Started failing bar mus. Shoulders were junk.

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