FRIDAY: 1 or 2 sessions; 

A. Snatch; climb to heavy single, 2 missed lifts allowed only before ending session 

B. Drop set to 77% for 2×3 of A

C. SqT Cycle Week 4 Day 2

Back SqT





Front SqT




D. emom x 12

odd: 18/15 cal row 

even: 8 box jumps (30/24) step down 

E. Assistance Work 

4 rds through 

8 single leg suit case squats (each leg) heavy

15 band scap rear scap squeezes 

12 weighted GHD situps

30’ russian lunge twist 

7 thoughts on “Friday,082815”

  1. Madeline Senkosky

    A. Snatch: 168. Jumped to 173(at regular CrossFit gym). Missed. Only brought nanos home. Loved and hated it all at once.
    B. Drops at 128.
    C. BS off 302. Hit numbers. FS off 275. Hit numbers.
    D. EMOM done. Finally maintained one for once in a blue moon. Altitude was fun.
    E. Pull cycle 4.2
    F. Warmed up with core and shoulder stability work with my dad in his class. Had fun. Awesome day.

  2. A.clean instead of snatch. Still dealing with shoulder tendinitis. Worked up to 125k clean PR!
    C. Back squat 4×8 @
    105k, 115, 122, 130
    Front squT 3×5 @
    80k, 92, 100
    D. Emom 10 Row/BJ, done. Rows between 40-45 seconds

  3. mickey kilmartin

    Not a lot of time today had to cram
    A-225 really focusing on fixing some things with techniques
    B- drops at 185 felt good
    C- emotm done
    D-accessory work done
    Squats done

  4. A. Snatch- (77kg/169#) 10# PR! Had to use straps since thumbs are a little torn up from yesterday’s extra barbell work but feeling so much smoother after working technique

    B. SqT Cycle Week 4 Day 2

    Back SqT off of 257#…hit all numbers

    Front SqT off of 234#..hit all numbers

    C. emom x 12- Done
    Off rower around 47 seconds each round
    Done with box jumps around 17 seconds each round

    E. 6 min on the bike constant pace (200+ watts)

  5. Hola. Straight of the plane in Barcelona, dropped in at Condal CrossFit and hit the program probably not the best idea haha.

    A. Snatch- worked up to 240# in metcons.
    B. 2×3 @ 185#
    C. Back squats only today
    1×8 @ 255,275,295,315
    D. EMOM- done
    E. Assistance work- did 2×10 strict pull ups, 2×10 chin ups, band scap pulls, band press downs.

  6. Snatch- 245
    2×3 at 185
    Bs – 275/295/315/335
    Fs – 200/220/235×2
    Emom done
    Assistance done

    *did sprint work yesterday. Second 4×40 with parachute

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