Tuesday, 082515

Nick Daher

All Phases:

A. EMOM x 20

Power clean + Push Jerk ; x 2 reps – not TnG 

Start at approx 70% of your 1RM PC + PJ and build. Technique / Positioning is #1 priority 

B. Clean Pull 5×1 @100% of your Clean ; rest 2 min 

C. 2-3 rds 

500m row 

40 double unders 

30′ FR Walking Lunge 185/123

20 Pullups 

10 Hang power clean *same bb 

5 muscle ups 

1 leg less rope climb 15′

Rest 5 min btwn rds 

D. Assistance Work 

Seated on ground good morning work 6-8 reps x 4 sets. Start light here 

DB hammer curl alt arms 8-10 reps x 4 sets 

DB overhead tricep ext (both hands) 10-12 reps x 4 sets with pause in lock out 

3×20 weighted sit-ups 

3×20 side to side  v up twist (use wall ball to touch to left and right of ur torso)

Light tgu work – 6-8 reps each side 

7 thoughts on “Tuesday, 082515”


    Zero Misses

    Clean Pulls Done 5×1 @ 308

    Metcon done RX
    6:03 First Round
    restart at 11:03
    18:29 Second Round
    restart at 23:29
    Finished 3rd round at 30:30

    pulling strength went bye bye lol

  2. So decided to legitimately deload and back off this week so cut the programming down a bit

    A. EMOM x10- PC+PJ x2 at 185#
    B. Skipped
    C. Metcon- 2 Rounds (6:24;6:44)
    500m Row
    40 DU
    30′ Fr Walking lunge 135#
    20 Pull ups
    10 HPC 135#
    5 MU
    D. Assistance work done, threw in some decline bench as well.

  3. mickey kilmartin

    A-90/93/95/100/101/102/103/105 did jumps every 4 minutes then last 4 minutes jumped every minute
    B- will do pulls tomorrow
    C- finished at 33:00. Too much rest before rope climbs and my HPC sucked. Third day in a row training feeling beat up a bit.
    D- assistance work done

  4. Madeline Senkosky

    A. Ended at 170#. Jumped 2kg every three rounds or so based on positioning.
    B. MetCon: 38:06. Gymnastics felt good. Happy to finish. Super fun workout.
    C. Accessory work completed at CFH.

  5. A) 185×2,205×2,225×13,245×1
    B) completed 315 no belt
    C) Metcon: rnd 1- 5:50
    rnd 2- 7:05 stopped

    Add-on 4x500m row w/ 60 sec rest at 1:48 trying to work on pacing and staying consistent

  6. A. EMOM x 20
    Ended at 75kg/165lbs – No belt!!

    B. Clean Pull 5×1 @ 100% of your Clean

    C. 3 Rounds – Not the best performance but definitely a fun one to chip away at. HPC, muscle ups and rope climbs suffered a wee bit today.
    TIME: 33:42

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