Sat, 082215

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All Phases:

A. Snatch 3 Position Pull, Starting at floor 5×1 @100% of your Snatch 

B. Snatch Grip Deficit Deadlift 5×1 HEAVY ,  but maintaining positions of your snatch (back angle, bar height etc)


500m Row 

30 Strict Pullups

500m Row 

50 Strict Ring Dips (muscle up to start each set)

500m row 

30 strict Pullups 

500m row 

D. Assistance Work 

4 x :30 waiters carry each arm 

4 x 10 ghd back ext (bar in back)

4 x long effort HS holds. Positional based. Middle fingers forward , shoulder width, head through , hollow. 

3 x 8-10 strict t2b

Then super set 4-5 sets of 

Bicep curls (your choice rep scheme)

Tricep ext (your choice how)

4 thoughts on “Sat, 082215”

  1. mickey kilmartin

    A- done
    B- 275/285/295/305/315 kept good position
    C- added in push jerks I missed this week
    D- 17:19 tried to keep all 500s sub 1:45 to push aerobic piece of workout
    E- will do accessory work tonight at home

    Finally caught up from vacation minus the 15 minute run test likely will be done tomorrow

  2. Was in Maine. Had to hit a hotel WOD

    Hope this is BP approved

    3 Rds
    20 DB Thrusters (50)
    15 Burpees over DB
    100M Run

    Rest 5 Mins

    3 Rds
    30 ALT DB Snatches (50)
    20 Reverse DB Lunge
    10 Sit Ups
    100 M Run

    Rest 5 Mins

    DB Push Press (50)
    Goblet Squats (50)
    50 Double Unders

    Completed in 36 minutes

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