Tuesday, 081814

Happy Birthday Lynn!

All Phases 

A. Hang Power clean – 4×3 at 80% of your 1RM Power clean – at knee or slightly above from blocks 

B. RDL (clean grip) – build to heavy 5 rep in 5 working sets  (straps allowed)

C. 30 muscle ups for time *

**in least amount of sets as possible, as fast as possible. Meaning, don’t game this for a time that won’t be retestable etc. go big and keep going! Test that endurance piece to the upper gymnastics today with this format.

D. Bike :35 hard /:25 barely moving x 10 min

;45-1 hour or So later (for those possible)

D. 3 rds afap

4 rope climbs 

100 double unders 

E. Assistance work 
Reverse hyper 3×20 @25% of back sqT

KB single arm bent over Row with twist out at top – 8’reps x 4 sets each side 

Weighted sit-ups 3×20

12 thoughts on “Tuesday, 081814”

  1. Hang power cleans done at 200


    15 Ub (previous pr was 12)

    Bike done
    112 calories

    Rope climb to be done at 830 tonight.

  2. A. 255 blocks
    B. Last set 405
    C. 9:35 like a 9 minute pr!!!!!!!! Still slow but
    D. Rope climbs
    8:13 rope climbs went great. DU’s gave me some trouble
    E. Accessory work ✔

  3. A. Block power cleans, 95K
    C. 30 MU, 4:05 (12 reps 1st set)
    D. 3RFT, 8:02

    Try to do RDL tonight

  4. A. 250 across – superset with warm up for RDL because of time.
    B. 500# tng
    C. 3:22 – about a 3 minute pr (first set was 16)
    D. 153 cals
    E. rope climbs were slow for me today – ropes were brand new with wax coating – had to climb carefully. Du were 50/50 first 2 rounds and Ub last round

  5. Hpc completed at 220
    30 muscle ups 3:45 started to tear warming up had to use gymnastics grips
    Bike completed
    Rope climb wod 6:23 ub on first set of du

  6. Madeline Senkosky

    a. Cleans done at 165#
    b. RDL worked up to 209
    c. 16:36. If you know me, this is huge. I’m excited to just finish these effers.
    d. rope climb MetCon: Paced too much. Grip is significantly better than months passed. I need to start pushing that limit more: 9:46.

  7. Hang power clean completed at 90kg. Back wasn’t too happy with these
    RDL kept it light, back is still iffy
    30 MUs 4:24 set of 16 (pr) then 2s
    Bike completed
    Did not do rope climb/DU wod. Only had an hour today

  8. Tiffany Szemplinski

    Done in 1 session:
    Hang power cleans: 176#
    RDL: 215/225/235/245/255
    30 mu: 6:36 ripped at 22 so finished with 8 singles
    Airdyne for 10 mins
    Rope climb: 9:20
    Accessory done

  9. A. Hang Power Cleans

    B. RDL (clean grip) – build to heavy 5 rep in 5 working sets
    Up to 200

    C. 30 muscle ups for time
    TIME: 4:12 – first 13 were unbroken – PR by 1

    C. 3 Rounds AFAP
    TIME:8:13 – first and last round unbroken DUs

    D. Assistance work – done

  10. A. Hang PC- 235#
    B. RDL- 225#, 245#, 255#, 275#, 295#
    C.30 MU- 3:44
    D. 160 Cal
    D2.Skipped due to lack of rope/ time
    F. Will complete later

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