Tuesday, 081115


All Phases:

A. Power clean – 12 min to heavy single for the day *once warmed up to 60%

*keep movement clean 

B. Clean pull 10×1 @100% of clean. Every :90

C. 50 c2b AFAP in as few sets as possible ; as fast as possible 

Rest 5 min 

D. Running clock – sustainability is focus today 

.  3 rds @80% output / smooth, sustainable pace 

20 cal row 

15 burpees over rower 

12 weighted ghd sit-ups 25/15

Rest 5 min 

1 rd 

50 KB swings (53/35)

40 slam balls over box (20″) 50/30 *must drop ball once over box and pick up each rep before going over the box **dont drop it on other side when on top of box. Must hold ball till both feet on ground and over box. 

90′ hs walk 

100 double unders 

11 thoughts on “Tuesday, 081115”

  1. A. 315 pr!!
    B. Pulls at 335
    C. 2:50 4 breaks sets of 10! Felt great was very happy all butterfly no misses
    D. 20:17 burpees sucked
    E. 36:51

  2. A. 275#, missed 285#
    B. Did my pulls at 285# which is just what was on the bar.
    C. Skipped because of hand
    D. Did weighted sit ups (no GHD) 7:44
    E. 12:47 (estimated HS distance give or take 5 feet) We did plate step overs with 45# and would drop the plate and pick up after each rep.

  3. Power Clean Hit 264. Missed 275 2x

    Clean Pulls Done at 308


    Chest 2 Bars Done in 1:15
    44 UB + 2 + 4

    Rest 5 mins

    6:15 restart with row + Burpee + GHD
    Finished at 16:30

    Rest 5 mins

    Restart at 21:30 with KB/Ball Salms/HS/Dubs
    Finished at 29:53

    Great Day of Programming

  4. A. 115k (got 120 plenty high, couldn’t finish it)
    B. 125k
    C. 25 strict C2B (still nursing shoulder)
    D. 3RFT, 9:40
    E.chipper, scaled to 60′ HS walk
    11:40 (HS took forever, I’ve never done in a wod before. New movement)

  5. A. Power clean: worked up to 85kg (187#) PR!
    B. Clean pulls done @90kg (198#)
    C. 50 C2B AFAP (40 UB/5/3/2 should have just held on) -(1:16)

    3 rds: Row/Burpee/GHD- (10:30)

    1 rd: KBS/Slam Ball Overs/Handstand/Dubs- (9:46)

  6. mickey kilmartin

    Am running programming
    A- 250 stopped there not feeling fast today
    B- pulls done
    C- pullups hands tender from yesterday ctb practice stopped before tearing. Will like to see retest 1:15 41/3/3/3
    D- row/burpee/ghd 9:23
    E-kb/box overs with db no slamball here/hs walk/du 10:40 (don’t know if db was easier or harder way I was doing it so after I finished I did another set of 40 for time in 2:30)

    Felt decent today, but hands are trashed which is my own fault. Lesson learned

  7. Maggnolia DuMars

    A. 170 pr!
    B. Clean pulls at 190
    C. 50 C2B in 3:35 in 6 sets
    Trying to work on my butterfly and was able to string 9 together but lost coordination real quick and switched back to a regular kip to complete it in as few sets as possible
    D. 21:12

  8. Janelle Oloughlin

    A. Power clean – 76kg PR!
    C. 4:31 :(…got 7/5/5/5 then lots of 3s and 2s. Need to work on bigger sets and butterfly tech.
    D. 3 Rds – 11:35
    E. 11:58 (200 singles ..du’s were not happening today)

  9. A) 275 tie pr from floor
    B) Done
    C) Unbroken 54 seconds
    then 15ish used 53lb kb for step over touched it to the ground each time

  10. A. 83kg/183lbs… Tied PR
    B. Clean pulls at 93kg/205lbs
    C. 50 C2B = 1:55… First set was 24. Getting there!
    D. 3 Rounds: 9:32
    E. 1 Round: 8:24

  11. Madeline Senkosky

    A. 203# tied PR
    B. 233
    C. 2:39 I have so many excuses but I won’t give them and just get better. Only your best on your worst day, right?
    D. 30:16 was total time.

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