Wed, 072915


A. 5k row – TT 

*push this. Do not coast. 

B. Assistance work: 

3 rds

25 weighted sit-ups 

15 plate to overhead Tri ext

20 band scap squeezes 

30′ waiters carry each arm 

12 reverse scap fly’s

20 thoughts on “Wed, 072915”

  1. A. 1RM Push Jerk, 260# PR

    B. 19:24 5K row

    On family vacation at beach, fitting stuff in when I can get away.

  2. mickey kilmartin

    19:10 row- never found a rhythm. All over the place- all time best 18:34 I think so not there quite right now.

    Accessory work done

  3. Brandon Petersen

    Am: 5k row. 19:05. Held pace entire time. So excited to see what a true 5k TT will be with proper pacing and turning it on.

    A. Every :60 perform power clean + push jerk + split jerk
    Then power clean singles every 2 min x 5 at 275

    B. Wod
    6 rds
    400m run
    100m farmers carry (70’s each hand)
    Time : 16:56

  4. Janelle Oloughlin

    5k row: 22:45, 2:16 average. Glad to have a starting point …now to improve my pace!
    B. Done (50#db, 25#plate oh, 26#kb, 12#db flys)

  5. A. 19:23 (not a PR but tried to stay consistent held from 1:52-1:58 most of row)

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