Friday, 073115

Michelle Sano

A. Strict Press – 1RM

B. 2 rds AFAP 

15/12 muscle ups

10 pbar hspu (men to 1 abmat, women to 2 abmats)

25/20 cal bike

Rest / recover before C (take time) 

C. 500m row x 3 rest 1 min between – Go!

14 thoughts on “Friday, 073115”

  1. Great session!
    A. 185# Missed 195# and called it
    B. Done with training partner at the same time; one bike/ area on the wall. Finished at 11:42 not sure exact time.
    C. 1. 1:42; 2. 1:47; 3. 1:39

    Stoked on this cycle!

  2. Danielle Campbell

    A. Strict press- 130# 15#PR. B. 14:09 4 m.u. 5 in. Def hspu – have never done phspu and I just got m.u. (They need work:-/) But overall I’m excited about today! I’ve never done 5 in def. in a WOD before:-). C. 2:05- 2:08-2:07

  3. Strict Press: 145. Need to stop being a pus**

    Metcon : 24:06
    MU first round 5’s
    Pbar done with 1 ab mat first round Singles

    MU second round 8/5/2
    Pbar done with 1 black ab mat + 1 blue kiddie mat Singles

    The pbar crushed me but need to suffer to get better

    Row: 1:40.3

  4. A. 180 big pr
    B. 19:50 um the mu’s felt the best ever, stringing 5s and 3s constantly. Pbar hspu kicked my butt with 2 plates and pad, still a deficit but not like you asked.
    C. Well. Bitched going into it

  5. Madeline Senkosky

    Happy clam:
    A. Strict Press 127
    B. MetCon: Did 9s for MUs so as doable but speedy enough:
    First round was 6:10. In second round: two fails in MUs. One fail in HSPU. Trying to push my envelope. Only way to know how is to give it hell
    C. 1:48/1:53/1:53

  6. A) 160 – Not a typo….
    B) 11:17
    C) 1:37.4, 1:39.2, 1:37.7

    D) Skill Work OTM x 8
    – Even 20 UB C2B
    – Odd 2 Legless RC

  7. Was super short on time today..had to be in and out and only had 30 min to warm up and get metcon done before 5:30pm class took over.

    A. Had to skip but will be testing this ASAP

    B. 14:28

    First round:
    -Went 6/3/3 on MU
    -First time doing PBHSPUs..shoulders got REAL tired after first 5..went 5/2/1/1/1

    Second round:
    -3/2/1/2/2/2..shoulders were smoked at this point
    -started with 2 doubles then dropped to singles to prevent any failed reps

    C. Only had about 7 min of rest but done: 1:54/1:58/2:01

  8. Strict press: 120
    Met con: 18 something. Really struggled on the handstand push ups
    Row: 1:46 1:53 1:56
    front squats 10×1 185

  9. mickey kilmartin

    B-11:40 had to use rower no bike at gym
    C- 1:44/1:42/1:40 tried for negative splits. Had more in the tank but wasn’t sure how to plan for the short rest periods. Lesson learned

  10. Maggnolia DuMars

    A. 110, definitely took too big of a jump and the end and kinda screwed myself
    B. 11:57, did pbar hspu but scaled to head being level with my hands
    C. 1:57, 1:56, 1:53

  11. Strict press 175
    today heavy snatch 280 lbs next mont competition weighlifting
    metcon 15; 42

  12. 215 on press not bad still climbing back up from injury

    Metcon 10:54
    Unbroken mu first round second round 5 5 5

    Pbar 5 3 2 both rounds

  13. A, Strict Press 52kg/114lbs
    B. 15:15…. My p-bar HSPU are in hiding. Struggled bad. Singles the whole way through and questionable reps. These will be worked on often.
    C. Need to makeup the rows.

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